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Our Services

We provide two main types of services: testing services and consultation services. We also offer other services i.e. nutrient budgets, specific client requests etc.

Testing Services

Our testing services comprise Soil Tests, Plant Tests, and Soil Biology Tests. Click on these links for details about each:

Most Soiltech soil and plants tests are analysed at RJ Hill Laboratories offering:

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Efficient reliable service
  • Comprehensive testing second to none, with extra options for the particular crop/pasture concerned.

Microbiological and some other tests are analysed at other laboratories.

For an example of the way we present test results:
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Why Soil Test?

There is much debate on the merits or otherwise of soil testing. The answer to the above question is better understood in the light of the following question:

Why do we fertilise?

  • to increase plant growth and "quality"
  • to rectify nutrient imbalances
  • to maintain and/or increase the productive potential of the soil
  • to replace nutrients that are removed by crops and/or stock
  • in short to make money and continue making money

Soil tests are a useful way of providing the information required to enhance productivity. In essence:

  • They provide information on what the soil actually needs
  • They prevent unnecessary application of nutrients the soil doesn't need

Whilst a soil test does have limitations and is often usefully complemented by a plant or microbiological test, never the less, there are many occasions when it is not possible or helpful to undertake the latter tests.

A comprehensive soil test can help achieve these objectives in the following ways:

  • provide information on what the soil actually needs
  • prevent unnecessary application of nutrients that the soil doesn't need
  • show target soil nutrient levels for the particular stock/crop grown

Consultation Services

To complement our testing services, we offer a range of consultation services. We appreciate that it often takes more than a test, interpretative report and fertiliser recommendation to get a soil functioning at an optimal level.

Our consultation services are designed to give you a "helping hand" by working with you to help you monitor your soil and make the improvements to the way it functions which will help you to get the most productivity from your soil.

We offer a range of different on-site and telephone based services, to cater for different requirements and in recognition of the fact that clients are often at some distance from our Christchurch base.

The Benefits of Ongoing Consultation

As we work with you, and become more familiar with your soil and farming conditions, we are able to offer more "in-depth" advice and assistance on how to optimise your soil. In like manner, as your general knowledge increases and you become better equipped, you will grow in your ability and confidence to make better long term decisions about your soil.

What are the Benefits of Using Soil Consultancy Services?

Most New Zealand topsoil contains in excess of $5000 worth of nutrients/hectare. For a 200 hectare property, this conservative estimate of nutrient value equates to $1,000,000! If you had that amount of cash available, you wouldn't want to leave it "just sitting there," you'd want to put it to good use. In the same way, our consultancy services are an investment on your behalf to help you to maximise the returns from your soil resource.

Consultancy Options

As indicated above, we offer a range of different on-site and telephone based services. As a general rule, it is better if we discuss the options available at an on-site inspection. We offer a free no obligation on-site visit to facilitate such discussions to clients located less than 1.5 hours drive from our Christchurch base.

The main package we offer is a Soil Health Check which is designed to gather the information necessary to optimise your soil, so it will perform to its best capability, thereby improving your productivity. This package will help you to focus your fertiliser $ on the area(s) which will yield the greatest economic benefits and returns.

Soil Health Check

This package is designed to give you a comprehensive diagnosis of the current health of your soil, as well as indicating areas which should be addressed to improve and optimise soil function. It comprises: a report, interpretation of parameters tested, and fertiliser recommendations. Included as part of the Soil Health Check are:

  • More than 25 key soil production parameters
  • More than 25 key herbage parameters (incl. the quality of the feed and its dietary suitability for stock grazing it)
  • More than 15 key soil biological parameters
  • More than 10 key soil physical parameters (assessed visually)

The report gives excellent information on the parameters tested, including their importance and significance to soil health and function. It also highlights problems which need to be addressed to improve soil function and productivity.

The report compares the level of the parameters tested in your sample(s) with desired levels for your type of production scenario.

Other Services

We also provide additional services as requested by clients. These include Nutrient Budgets for both granular and fine particle fertiliser users.

We also offer a soil technical telephone support service. This service allows a client to call us and discuss any relevant soil related issues/matters of concern at any time. Generally this service is offered as an Annual Subscription fee (or on a monthly rate for a 12 month minimum period).

Please feel free to contact us if you require assistance with any matter which is not already covered in our Testing and Consultation Services.

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