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About Soiltech

Company Profile

Soiltech is an independent soil consultancy whose main activities are:

  • interpreting soil, plant and microbiological tests
  • giving independent fertiliser advise and recommendations
  • supervising agricultural trials
  • providing soil technical support and advice


To provide the best, most comprehensive, most useful and most cost effective soil, plant and microbiological test interpretations in NZ.


We take a holistic approach to soil, plants and animals, believing that good productivity begins with a good soil. To us, this means examining a wider range of properties than the basic soil chemical properties collected on most soil tests. Though the latter are helpful, they should also be correlated with other important soil physical and biological/organic parameters. Soil is a dynamic entity. It is always changing but if it is properly balanced, it will supply an optimal level of nutrients, firstly for the plants growing in it and secondly, for the animals grazing those plants.

Soiltech is committed to the underlying principles of what has become known as "biological agriculture". We seek to "work with nature", looking at both the overall big picture as well as detailed analysis where appropriate. We believe it is important to see the "big picture" and the "detail" at the same time. Whilst segmenting production into atomistic small pieces has merits in some situations, it often leads to an inability to see obvious problems because the segment is being examined in too much detail in isolation from the overall whole.


How do you get a well balanced soil? We believe this is best done by acquiring as much objective data as is feasible to give producers the best possible information about their farming operation. Good information takes the guesswork out of farming and enables producers to make the best decisions about their particular situation.

The Soiltech approach is based on gathering good information, experience of optimising soils and expertise in correlating soil, plant and animal nutrition and health. We pride ourselves on providing good, relevant and useful information to our clients.

We offer a range of different soil, plant and micro-biological tests as well as an evaluation of the soil physical environment. This enables us to assess the current functioning of the soil system and to recommend an ongoing programme to improve and enhance soil function.

Consultant Profile

Dave McKie BAgSc, MAgSc.(Hons). Soil Scientist. Farm experience with Regional Authorities as a Resource Scientist. Overseas experience in land resource management.

Special interests: soil quality, nutrient cycling, soil management, sustainable land management and soil, plant and animal nutrient correlation.

Since commencing employment with Soiltech in 2002, Dave has enhanced Soiltech's capability to accurately assess soil and plant nutrient status and correlate these with soil biology to generate expert fertiliser recommendations.

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