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Welcome to Soiltech

Soiltech is an independent company dedicated to enhancing the soil fertility, quality productivity and the sustainability of New Zealand soils.

We believe that the soil is the foundation of all land based primary production. Whether your interest is agriculture, horticulture or forestry, you're unlikely to reach the productive potential of your property until things are right in the soil.

It's like building a house: a good foundation is essential. Then the rest of the house will be sure and true. If however, the foundation is lacking in some way, then the rest of the house will also be compromised as well.

A well balanced soil that is functioning at an optimal level provides the ideal foundation for every farming enterprise.


What is a well balanced soil? One where chemical nutrient levels, biological activity and physical properties are all optimised for the agricultural activity operating on that soil.

How do you get a well balanced soil? We believe this is best done by acquiring as much objective data as is feasible to give producers the best possible information about their farming operation. Good information takes the guesswork out of farming and enables producers to make the best decisions about their particular situation.

The Soiltech approach is based on gathering good information, experience of optimising soils and expertise in correlating soil, plant and animal nutrition and health. We pride ourselves on providing good, relevant and useful information to our clients.

We offer a range of different soil, plant and micro-biological tests as well as an evaluation of the soil physical environment. This enables us to assess the current functioning of the soil system and to recommend an ongoing programme to improve and enhance soil function.

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